Astrologer Biography: Jessica D'Angio

Jessica D'Angio is an astrologer and psychic medium who reads energy patterns of the past, present and future. Using astrology as her primary modality, she takes a multifaceted approach to healing those who are called to work with her, often incorporating tarot/oracle cards, reiki and crystals into her sessions, whenever indicated.


Her readings consist of a thorough investigation of the energy patterns you were born into, which energy patterns have been at play in your life ever since, and which ones will impact your immediate future. 


She can predict with remarkable accuracy when you are likely to experience events, based solely on your birth information!


After a chart reading, her clients report increased self-awareness, understanding of their own duality, confidence in their unique abilities, and a sense of oneness with the world around them.

Jessica has always been called to counsel and be of service to others. Prior to pursuing astrology full time, she worked as an attorney in both New York and Massachusetts. She is a single mother of four children, and is also in recovery from opiate/alcohol addiction. She has been giving personalized astrology readings since 2013, and became Usui Reiki certified in 2019.

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Client Testimonials:

“As someone who already knew a bit about astrology before coming to Jess, I didn’t realize how much more I had to learn!


She opened me up to understanding both myself and astrology in general in a completely different and deeper way. Whether you’re already interested in it or are a complete skeptic, she is the one to go to.


She will blow you away with her encyclopedia of knowledge coupled with a super down-to-earth personality and intuitive insights. Get a reading with her, you will not regret it!”

-Gillian S., Newton, MA

“I turned to Jess when I was feeling a lot of pressure from many sources in my life. I had seen one of her discussions on Facebook of some recent astrological events, and knew that they were affecting my situation. I loved how she was able to communicate about astrology and how it affects us humans. I needed some guidance and reassurance. I asked for a Simple Question reading to help me make decisions.  She answered an immediate question when I was really worried. Her reading was very clear and very helpful. I was able to navigate all the pressures and decisions I had to make with confidence. She answered my follow up email. She is a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to doing a Full Chart Astrology Reading in the near future. I love her newsletters. I would recommend her to anyone.”

-Christie S., Virginia

MsFortune = MAGIC! That’s one word for Jess, and I still have plenty more!

I was looking up tarot and found her, from then on I thought she was bloody fab!

Something about her drew me in, I don’t know if it was her way with words or that I could tell she was such a genuine soul, but either way she was so helpful with teaching me astrology. This lady has given a lot of her time chatting to me about life in general, too, which really did mean the world to me. They don’t make them like Jess anymore, that’s for sure!

Anyway, this was well before I had a reading with her and one thing I noticed, she was not pushy for me to buy anything in the slightest! You do get those people that will totally try scam money out of you. Instantly I knew this wasn’t Jess, I chatted to her for months beforehand. This is her passion, her life, and it seeps from her entire being. She does this because it flows naturally with no force, she doesn’t have to chase people, they come to her because they see that spark in her. She is the real deal and she wants to use her gifts to help others.

THEN.. I got my reading done and it blew me away, the accuracy was impeccable, I had this knowing that she wasn’t going to disappoint, and it went above all expectations. Everything word for word was where I was at in life, what I had been talking about, thinking about, doing, and the energy that was going to come, it was incredible!!!

Totally... 100%... give this lady a whirl! You won’t regret it.

Thank you so much, Jess!”

-Carmen G., Somerset, UK

“My full chart reading with Jess was incredible. I gained so much insight into my chart, as well as upcoming transits. It was everything I hoped for! Jess is so talented in astrology and has a true gift in explaining it all in ways that are easy to understand. Not to mention, she has a wonderful personality and is so down to earth. I’d highly recommend Jess to anyone looking for astrological guidance!”


-Ellen F., Norwood, MA